Top 10: Upmarket Articles July 1-7, 2012

  • 1. The 7 Deadly Sins of Marketing, Redux

    Martin Whitmore: May this depiction serve as a warning to all marketers engaged in misguided and questionable approaches. Turn back, repent of your evil ways! Abandon all hope, ye who market here… you get the idea!

  • 2. Keep Saying Yes To What Life Brings: TV Host & Raw Food Chef Kirsten Gum

    Lisa Berkovitz: Kirsten Gum is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and world traveler, internationally recognized broadcast journalist, national network TV show host and master raw food chef.

  • 3. Towards legacies: what do you want your future to be?

    Sarah Kathleen Peck: You already have at least one legacy: your legacy is the print that you’ve already left behind, in the people you’ve met, the work you’ve done, the words you’ve spoken.

  • 4. You Can’t Hit What You Don’t Aim For

    Joel D Canfield: Intent is a powerful tool. In the “trust tree” it’s the trunk — the only portion that’s partly invisible, partly visible. Our intent begins inside, then becomes evident to others.

  • 5. The Difference Between Knowledge and Action

    Eric Barrett: Knowledge doesn’t equal action, and unless you decide to learn and then act, you could be missing an essential piece of your professional development. Eric Barrett explains why…

  • 6. Thou Shalt Not Fall In Love With Thy Brochure

    Amy Harrison: This is a short story of what happens when you fall in love with your own marketing materials, and forget your audience in the process. Don’t let it happen to you!

  • 7. Why do you have so many meetings?

    Al Pittampalli: What do pollution, overfishing, and your day jam-packed with meetings have in common? They’re all caused by the tragedy of the commons…

  • 8. The doormat, the jerk and the lizard brain

    Seth Godin: The best reason to be a jerk at work is that of course no one will listen to you or support you or embrace your ideas — you’re a jerk. The best reason to be a doormat at work is that in your effort to get along, to be nice, and to go with the flow, of course you won’t be expected to stand up and shout, “follow me” when your ideas might take you in a different direction.

  • 9. Sales Psychology: Harness the Power of Desire

    Peter Shallard: Human behavior is driven by two powerful mental forces: the emotional tug toward what we want and the emotional push away from what we wish to avoid. It’s the pain & pleasure principle.

  • 10. Creating a Brand Experience: How You Can Be Special

    Nikolas Allen: As a consumer, how often are you roused from your weary, robotic trundle long enough to actually notice an unexpected detail, a memorable moment, or an innovative idea in action? More than likely, the answer is, “Not often enough!”…

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