Size Matters: The Advantages of Small Business

“Small businesses that try to act ‘big’ too quickly run the risk of losing their entrepreneurial culture…”

Is Your Business Ready for Your Vacation?

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Do you have a vacation planned this summer? What have you done to get your business ready while you’re gone?

Staying Connected on Summer Vacation


A recent poll of indicates that many American small business owners won’t completely tune out from their responsibilities during their vacations. The survey from Cisco WebEx showed that business owners plan to work an average of 18 days remotely this summer.

Entrepreneurs Recognized with Ernst & Young Award

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The regional winners of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Program have been announced, honoring men and women who create products, services and jobs that help to grow the economy and their communities, as well as encouraging others to follow their lead.

Seeking Sources for Small Business Loans


Money may be a headache for entrepreneurs as they start their businesses or try to expand. Crain’s New York Business reports that small business are seeking new sources when big banks turn them away or limit their credit lines.

Marketing Lessons from Car Talk

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Last week, the hosts of the long-running NPR show Car Talk announced they’ll retire at the end of September. Brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi (known as Click and Clack on the air) have been on the radio for 35 years, with 25 of those broadcast nationally through NPR.

Business Tips from Movie Mogul Tyler Perry


Tyler Perry is known for his many movies, most of which he co-stars as an elderly black woman named Medea. But the actor, writer, director and producer has also learned a few things about entrepreneurship during his years in theater and film.

Is the Resume Dead?

Is the Resume Dead? - Martin Whitmore

Between LinkedIn, Facebook, Google searches, and online application systems, the traditional resume has less and less prominence in modern networking.

Tech and Design Firms Lead Entrepreneur Award Finalists

This year, Ernst & Young is calling attention to tech companies, designer furniture, eco-minded corporations and even a yogurt producer as icons of entrepreneurship.

Working Hard, Getting Fit

There’s a new exercise option for people who are glued to their computers: FitDesk.