Doing Good in the World

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Doing good in the world isn’t just about big splashy projects with lofty goals — in reality, it’s more about your consistent effort over time, and staying true to your mission.

Lower Your Standards to Reach Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals


If you feel stifled, stuck, or just plain discouraged about reaching your Big Hairy Audacious Goal, lower your standards.

You Can't Hit What You Don't Aim For

Intent is a powerful tool. In the “trust tree” it’s the trunk — the only portion that’s partly invisible, partly visible. Our intent begins inside, then becomes evident to others.

Make the Right Thing the Easy Thing


One tool I’ve made use of is affordances, a term used by Donald Norman in his insightful book The Psychology of Everyday Things. Norman suggested that, just as the position of handle and spout on a teapot affords, or provides naturally for, the act of pouring tea, some things are designed to afford proper use.

Dream Big — Trust Big

Perhaps the whispers of our heart and the calls to greatness that we feel within our souls are essential components of a larger, collective plan that we each play a vital part in.

Living the Dream

Strike a balance between your mental manager and your inner leader and see how you move toward achieving your dreams.

You’ve Reached Your Goal…Now What?

It’s once you truly understand that the applause you’re working for is to come from you and not anyone else, goals become fun, entertaining, and a lifetime of fulfillment.

Why Goals Will Only Get You Part Way There — and How to Bridge the Gap

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When we set goals, it is not enough to commit ourselves to acting in new ways. We must also think in new ways.