Presence Point: Project Passion & Inspire Your Audience


“I care a lot about the work I do, but I’ve noticed over time that I don’t seem to convey this well to potential employers,” she told me. “I think there’s a missing link in the way I talk to people, in my communication or voice or body language. Can you help me communicate in a way that effectively and honestly conveys the passion and intensity I feel in my work?”

The Power of Connection: Bringing Online Relationships Offline (Part 2)

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Follow these simple steps, modify as you wish, and you’re ready to build your professional network and get the support you need — this 10 step process will help you take your online relationships to the next level.

How to Work with a Professional Coach

Vera L. Dordick brings us her insights on working with a professional coach, and she had many questions herself: What happens during coaching sessions? Is the coach my cheerleader? My taskmaster? My shrink? What can this person really do for me? It turns out coaches can do a great deal, if you’re willing to do the work.

The Power of Connection (Part 1)

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Erica Holthausen discusses Part 1 of her series about connection for solopreneurs. Just because you’re a solopreneur doesn’t mean you have to go it alone!

Frightful to Delightful: The Power of a Story

Remember that things aren’t always what they seem — and people are not always who we think they are.

14 Online HR Tools to Manage Employees Much Better

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Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council share their recommended web tools for people management. Come share your favorites, too!

Everyone Has the Same 24 Hours

We’re all given the same 24 hours in a day. What you do with it, how you spend it, invest it, dribble and let it leak away is up to you.

Shipwreck and Salvation

Shipwreck, literal or metaphorical, isn’t always final. You may be surprised how much sturdier a craft is once it’s been properly shaken down and fitted out after a shipwreck…

Primed for Icebergs


Playing off our inherent need and ability to find patterns, our brains are wired to see what we expect to see—even if that’s the answer to a question, an answer we don’t know yet. We’re good at finding similarities. Too good, sometimes. Prime yourself to see differences.