Sponsor Upmarket Magazine

Because we want our readers to be able to fully trust the intent of our content, we do not currently accept money in exchange for published content. We do, however, want to see Upmarket grow and become more useful, so we do accept limited time magazine sponsorships.

How Our Sponsors Support Us

When you decide to sponsor Upmarket Magazine, you’re sponsoring our entire effort — not just one piece of content. The time or resources you provide, volunteer or financial, go towards helping us produce the best experience we can for our readers. Our sponsors are in a position to help make our readers’ lives better by helping to provide them with excellent heart-centered, business-related content that improves their ability to do what they do. We’re grateful that you’re considering this option, and we want to support you, too.

How We Support Our Sponsors

During the time you sponsor Upmarket, we will run a mutually-approved graphic at the bottom of our sidebar on every page on the magazine. This graphic will use a template that makes it clear this is a sponsor arrangement, rather than a promotion of ours. This way, our readers will clearly understand our relationship, and won’t feel tricked into clicking on “advertising”; instead, they’ll be able to express their gratitude intentionally and directly to the sponsors who help Upmarket Magazine continue to provide awesome content.

We’ll also run a news post on the site at the beginning of your sponsorship as a thank you for supporting us. This post will be written by us, and its content is not up for discussion — though if you have any particular events or information you’d like us to consider including, you can certainly let us know. In this post, we’ll express our gratitude and tell our readers what it means for the magazine that you’ve decided to support us. We believe this is the most honest and resonant way to show our readers how we make this work, while at the same time making sure no one is confused about what money has changed hands, and why, and whether that impacts our regular content stream. (In other words, it doesn’t — and we want to say that loud and clear.)

We also intend to collect those who have sponsored the magazine onto a single page, linking to the posts we made about them. This way, our readers can show their gratitude to our sponsors if they so desire.

If you’re interested in sponsoring the magazine, send an email to [email protected] and ask for details. <3