10 Ways to Be Your Most Productive While Traveling

How do you stay productive and get work done while traveling?


Derek Capo1. Practice the 4-Hour-Work-Week Mentality

“The most important thing to consider when traveling is the need to have a team who can take care of tasks that you won’t be able to be on top of 100 percent due to flights, meetings, etc. Plug in for a few hours a day to focus on tasks that only you can do. Also, practice the ‘traveling’ schedule a month before so you can see potential issues and train employees to avoid any issues. ”

- Derek Capo, Next Step China

Pablo Palatnik2. Set Up a Dedicated Time

“There’s nothing you can’t do while traveling if you have a laptop, iPod, and smart phone. Try to set up a certain time during your days of travel to really focus on MUST-DO priority tasks.”

- Pablo Palatnik, ShadesDaddy.com


Robert-J.-Moore3. Focus

“Airplanes are one of my most productive work environments. Prep in advance so you can work on big projects that require large amounts of time and focus. And don’t buy the Wi-Fi! Keep yourself cut off from the world to avoid distractions.”

- Robert J. Moore, RJMetrics


Patrick Conley4. Capitalize on Quiet Time

“I’ve found that some of my best, most focused work happens when I’m on a plane. There’s something magical that happens when you can focus on tasks without the distraction of fast Internet. I try to prepare some projects for every plane ride that can be done offline, such as writing.”

- Patrick Conley, Automation Heroes


Shradha Agarwal5. Sync Emails Offline

“I fly almost every week and have found it very productive to sync all my emails offline. I type more thoughtful responses on the plane or train when there aren’t other distractions. I also keep a second battery for my phone if I’m using it for emails (versus my laptop). To stay connected when traveling, I also keep a wireless connection card to get online anywhere at anytime. ”

- Shradha Agarwal, ContextMedia

doreen-bloch6. Plan for Technical Difficulties

“Virtual working is fantastic and can be a seamless experience for you, your team, and your customers. But there is nothing worse than being abroad without the proper working communication technologies. Before heading out for travel, run through your inventory and assess your needs. MiFi devices may be a good investment. And if you’re traveling internationally, stock up on the proper converters.”

- Doreen Bloch, Poshly Inc.

7. Set Goals

“If your goals are set and your priorities are in line, you should have no problem getting work done while traveling. Everyone always asks how I am productive from exotic locations like Bali, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua when I could be surfing. The answer is simple: I need to hit my goals to continue the lifestyle I choose, and if you constantly remind yourself of those, you will simply not slack off.”

- Matt Wilson, Under30Experience

Thursday-Bram 28. Look Into Coworking Spaces

“Whenever I’m traveling, I contact a local coworking space about working out of the location while I’m in town. Having a place to go helps ensure I actually focus on work and gives me a place that’s conducive to working (which hotel rooms are rarely).”

- Thursday Bram, Hyper Modern Consulting


Jordan Fliegel9. Work on the Plane

“I like to write blog posts/do long-term roadmap thinking on the plane. There is something about trying to do work on a plane-your work either turns out incredible or you fall asleep. They are both good outcomes. ”

- Jordan Fliegel, CoachUp, Inc.



Elizabeth Saunders10. Group Tasks by Location

“When I travel, I try to group to-do items in the ‘Getting Things Done’ fashion. For instance, I’ll have a list of items I can do on a train or plane, issues to think about while I’m waiting in lines, and projects to work on when I have a larger gap in my schedule. By being ultra-clear on what I can do when, I’m quite productive. ”

- Elizabeth Saunders, Real Life E®

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