About Bhavin Parikh

Bhavin Parikh is the CEO and co-founder of Magoosh, an online test prep company that provides video lessons and practice questions accessible anytime, anywhere for exams such as the GMAT, GRE and SAT.

Do I Really Need to Use an Existing Crowdfunding Service?


In the age of Internet empowerment, it’s easy to think you can do everything yourself. But when it comes to crowdfunding, existing services can help you get to the next level and build upon your do-it-yourself foundation.

The Realities of Crowdfunding: Building Relationships During Struggles and Success


Taking on the large task of pursuing your business goals by yourself and with crowdfunders is difficult, but rewarding for both parties. In the end, crowdfunding is all about building real relationships-and showing gratitude in success or in failure.

Crowdsourcing Versus Venture Capitalist: Determining Goals


History is filled with examples of passionate people doing whatever it takes to turn their ideas into reality. That’s the concept behind crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, and they’re not going away. What does this mean for traditional venture capitalists?