Top 10: Upmarket Articles July 8-14, 2012

  • 1. Is Your Battery Low? Business Vision and Creative Overhead

    Molly Gordon: Your business can be a clear and powerful expression of your big vision — if you invest in your own creative overhead.

  • 2. Finding Wisdom In Life’s Wake Up Calls

    Diane Bolden: Several years ago I was rushing to get somewhere while seemingly a million things competed for attention inside my head. Then I experienced the sudden impact of a collision…

  • 3. Bust Out of Your Box

    Diane Bolden: The other day, my eight year old son came home from summer camp with a riddle: “Mom, pretend you are in a box that is all sealed up, with no doors and no windows…”…

  • 4. SEO Can Kill Your Business

    Nando Caban-Mendez: Regain control of your online marketing. Use SEO wisely, as part of a larger strategy, and see your business grow.

  • 5. Worth Your Investment: Business Software for Microbusinesses on a Budget

    The Young Entrepreneur Council: Podio, MailChimp, Highrise, Google Apps, Quickbooks, GoToMeeting and more — learn what software YEC members recommend for microbusinesses on a budget.

  • 6. Stop Customers Rolling Their Eyes At Your Advertising

    Amy Harrison’s “Promise, Process, Proof” copywriting technique — a simple solution to help you cut through the advertising noise.

  • 7. Once in a lifetime

    Seth Godin: Should your product or service be very good, meet spec and be beyond reproach or… should it be a remarkable, memorable, over the top, a tell-your-friends event?

  • 8. Keep Your Meetings On Track

    Al Pittampalli: Meetings are chock full of diversions. People seem committed to straying from the agenda. How do you get attendees to stay on track?

  • 9. Shipwreck and Salvation

    Joel D Canfield: Shipwreck, literal or metaphorical, isn’t always final. You may be surprised how much sturdier a craft is once it’s been properly shaken down and fitted out after a shipwreck…

  • 10. Are We Certifiably Insane?

    Eric Barrett: If you’re sick, do you want just anyone with the label “doctor?” Or do you want someone who knows how to solve your problem?

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