The Power of Connection: Creating a Mastermind Group (Part 4)

The Power of Connection (Part 4)

A mastermind group will challenge you to grow in ways you never expected. It creates a safe place, where you have to be willing to be vulnerable. It lets you show up and share where you are stuck, where you doubt yourself, where you feel like a fraud.

Stop Yelling At Me!

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In 4 experimental studies, psychologists showed that that “customer verbal aggression impaired the cognitive performance of the targets of this aggression. In other words, when you yell at someone, their brain shuts down…

The Power of Connection: Bringing Online Relationships Offline (Part 2)

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Follow these simple steps, modify as you wish, and you’re ready to build your professional network and get the support you need — this 10 step process will help you take your online relationships to the next level.

How to Work with a Professional Coach

Vera L. Dordick brings us her insights on working with a professional coach, and she had many questions herself: What happens during coaching sessions? Is the coach my cheerleader? My taskmaster? My shrink? What can this person really do for me? It turns out coaches can do a great deal, if you’re willing to do the work.

How Mentors Truly Make a Difference in Entrepreneurship

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Describe one mentor or role model who helped you get your first biz off the ground and why. What did they do that made a difference? Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council give us their answers (and inspirations)…

The Power of Connection (Part 1)

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Erica Holthausen discusses Part 1 of her series about connection for solopreneurs. Just because you’re a solopreneur doesn’t mean you have to go it alone!

Does Power Corrupt Leaders?


Eric Barrett questions the proverb “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” He explores the idea that moral identity, rather than power, determines a person’s choices.

Presence Point: Book Review: ‘Your Brain at Work’ by David Rock

Imagine the power of consciously harnessing the workings of your mind, in small, simple steps to create the results you want with more ease, joy & success in your work, relationships & life.

Why Being an Entrepreneur Could Save Your Life (and Make You More Attractive)

There is a health price to be paid for not doing what you are “called” to do. There’s not enough alcohol, drugs, food, or sex in the world to dodge what you were born to be — no matter how scary it seems.

Presence Point: Does Your Feedback Make Me Look Fat?

No matter how well meaning our intentions are, delivering feedback is a delicate process — so what works, and what doesn’t?