About Vera L. Dordick

Vera L. Dordick is principal with Tangible Development LLC, public relations practitioner, and creative provocateur. At Tangible Development, Vera specializes in crisis management and public relations but has a particular interest in creativity training and helping companies foster more creative environments. She also blogs on the Albany Times Union website on marketing and creativity. Vera holds a BA in Journalism and Russian from Indiana University and an Associate degree in Culinary Arts from SCCC.

Lighting up the World, One Empty Bottle at a Time

Before you throw that empty two-liter bottle into the trash (or recycling bin) consider this: in many areas of the world, that empty vessel is bringing light to impoverished homes for little more than the cost of the beverage it used to hold, with A Liter of Light.

Entrepreneur Finds Success through the Hijab


Most of us would not likely use the words “hijab” and “high fashion” in the same sentence, but if Yasemin Kanar of Miami has her way, they could become synonymous.

When Reinvention Goes Wrong

The point of a career reinvention is to trade something you no longer enjoy for something that you enjoy doing, at least in theory. Many people make the switch and are very happy with their new vocation, new lifestyle, and newfound freedom. I was one of those people-until the novelty wore off and the hard realities of my industry and running a business took over.

Creating Success in a Dirty Business


Extreme obstacle course race events are held around the country and world offering varying levels of difficulty, length, and competitiveness. This type of racing is a relatively new phenomenon that has exploded onto the fitness scene. Tough Mudder was first on the scene, propelling the craze and mushrooming into a $70 million business in little more than two years.

Don’t Give Business a Bad Name

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 4.40.09 PM

The best company names the ones that are simple, are meaningful to customers, and conjure up a lot of mental imagery. Names that lend themselves to word play are easy to remember and “have legs,” meaning they cane be parlayed into peripheral products, extra revenue sources, and extra buzz.

Is your accent holding you back professionally?


A heavy accent can keep people from participating effectively in the corporate culture of their workplaces and make it difficult for them to express themselves. Whether employees communicate one-on-one, or as part of a team, their speech matters.

Play Is Serious Business

Photo from Incredible Adventures

Turning childhood dreams into adult realities is the business of companies like Incredible Adventures and People at Play. These enterprises develop creative new revenue streams and drum up lots of attention.

How to Work with a Professional Coach


Vera L. Dordick brings us her insights on working with a professional coach, and she had many questions herself: What happens during coaching sessions? Is the coach my cheerleader? My taskmaster? My shrink? What can this person really do for me? It turns out coaches can do a great deal, if you’re willing to do the work.

Cash Mob Noir Boosts Black-Owned Businesses

Cash Mob Noir

You’ve heard of flash mobs — but have you heard of cash mobs? Cash Mob Noir was designed to support black-owned businesses, and the first event was held in cities across the nation in May 2012.

E-Biz Docs: 4 Reasons to Go Paperless for Forms

Digital Form

Put away your pens and pencils when you go to the Times Union job fair in Albany, New York. Chances are that someone is going to hand you a tablet computer instead of a paper registration form.