How to Work with a Professional Coach

Vera L. Dordick brings us her insights on working with a professional coach, and she had many questions herself: What happens during coaching sessions? Is the coach my cheerleader? My taskmaster? My shrink? What can this person really do for me? It turns out coaches can do a great deal, if you’re willing to do the work.

6 Excellent Lessons On Building Your Rocking Life & Business: The Story Of Marie Forleo

Marie was interviewed by Tony Robbins for his New Money Masters DVD training program, and was invited by Sir Richard Branson to teach at his Branson Center for Entrepreneurship in South Africa. Cool, right? Now check out her journey to get here, and the lessons you can take away from it.

A Fascinating Tale of Sex, Punk Rock And Finally Solving The Money Thing: Meet Author, Speaker And Coach Jen Sincero

Jen red

Being in your Sweet Spot means financial well-being and self-sufficiency. It doesn’t mean making a specific amount of money.