How To Become The Best In The World At What You Do

Snowflake Arni J.M.

If you’re doing what you truly love and what you’re truly meant to be doing with your unique combination of gifts and talents, then there will be no one who will do that exactly like you, and you will have moved beyond the competition model of business.

Is There A Gap? Your Current Reality & Fully Living Your Life’s Mission

Anne Van de Water

Anne Van de Water’s goal is to help you raise your energetic vibration to match the energy of your mission so that you can embody it fully and become it. She provides powerful lessons for you, if you’re willing to apply them to your own life and business and have a look at where there may be a gap between the mission you know you’re here to live, and what you’re actually living now.

What If The Purpose Of Your Life Was To Have Fun?

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Who is making the greater contribution to the world, the person who is weighed down and stressed, or the one who is actually having fun with what they are doing? What quality of energy is each one putting out into the world?

Pure Inspiration For When You Need To Feed Your Spirit

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It’s always good to have reliable sources of inspiration in your toolbox to which you can turn, whether you’re having a challenging day and want to lift your mood, or you just want to stoke the fires of your inspiration and stay in that space of being filled up yourself so you have more good stuff to flow out to others.

Create A Thriving, Remarkable Business By Fully Being Yourself

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In October, Lisa Berkovitz wrote about her interview with Laura Hollick, founder of Soul Art Studio and creator of the Global Vision Quest. This week, Lisa focuses on an aspect of Laura’s story about creating her current business through solving pressing problems in her own life.

What Is An Iconic Essence? Why Is It So Important To Discover Yours?

Laura Hollick

You would never know by looking at her, but at one time, Laura Hollick was a truck driver. Today, she is an award-winning artist, thriving entrepreneur, and founder of Soul Art Studio.

From Furniture Salesman To Award-Winning Poet And Speaker: Kirk Nugent

KirkNugent300 Hi Res

Kirk Nugent’s aim is to give people the tools to pursue their passion, and express and fully live the greatness that is inside them.

11 Easy Ways To Kick-Start Your Energy When You Hit A Lull

Feet on Grass Louise Docker

Has your energy hit a lull? Do you need to reconnect with good vibes in a balanced way — without forcing it? Check out Lisa Berkovitz’s favorite, simple energy kick-start practices.

Powerful Questions To Ensure Best Use Of Your Time And Maximum Impact

Jonathan Fields is a former SEC lawyer turned serial successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, blogger, speaker and creator of the recently launched Good Life Project.

Get More Wisdom In Less Time With Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes

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Brian Johnson is the CEO, Chief Philosopher and creator of Philosopher’s Notes, summaries (think mini-Cliff’s Notes) of the top personal growth books written by the greatest wisdom thinkers of all time.