The High Value of Not Working


If we’re going to harp on the subject of increased freedom and creativity in the workplace, perhaps we ought to talk about increased *internal* freedom and creativity as well. Do you feel guilty when you stop working?

3 Lessons In Trusting Yourself

Trust Yourself Robby Virus

I recently wrote about a 30-day experiment in doing only what inspires me. I rented out my home and set out on a trip to New York, taking my business with me. I was having the most amazing day in New York City until I realized that there was a LOT of water in my bag that had my Macbook Pro in it.

The Yoga of Entrepreneurship Improves Results For Creatives

Rebecca Prien large

Rebecca Prien is a multi-talented, multi-passionate woman with a cool career path. She’s a creative, intuitive, and strategic advisor to entrepreneurs. She’s also an experienced attorney and a dedicated yogi. She explains how yoga, law, and entrepreneurship are related in an interview with Lisa Berkovitz.

What If You Spent 30 Days Doing ONLY What Inspires You?

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I see it as an act of faith-a statement to the Universe that I am ready and willing to step up my commitment to my own sense of adventure and fun, to demonstrate to myself that we actually are designed to thrive instead of struggle or strain, and that when we are true to our desires, Life supports us in that. That this is the path to right livelihood.

The Fastest Way to Fufill Your Dream

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What do you dream of when it comes to your business? What is the inspiring vision that keeps you going through the inevitable ups and downs that happen as part of being an entrepreneur? What do you hope this is all leading to?

How Horses Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur: Meet Jessica Baker

Jessica Baker

Jessica Baker spent years in corporate sales, a career she didn’t particularly love. There came a day when she finally hit her point of no return. Fast forward to today, Jessica helps healers and wellness professionals to create solid, profitable, sustainable businesses they love, and she does that using powerful methods that involve one of her most beloved things: horses.

7 Ways to Raise the Value of What You Offer

Thumbs Up Andrew Coutts

I LOVE helping clients make more money in less time. No one is looking to work more, or to add complexity to their business. On the contrary, I see an ever-increasing desire for greater simplicity, freedom, and lifestyle.

Top 10: May 2013

Matt Cunnelly

May’s most-viewed articles for your reading pleasure — what’s your favorite?

Would Your Business Change If Money Were No Object?

Money Nick McPhee

Even if you are already doing work that matters to you and that you enjoy, you may have blind spots to where you may be compromising in order to make ends meet: offering something because you think the market will pay for it, rather than because because it truly reflects who you are at the deepest levels.

Need To Say “No” More Often? Here’s How!

NO by Ben Heine

I have a somewhat radical way of assessing questions: if you don’t feel a full body YES!, a knowing inside that has truly magnetic quality to it, then it’s a no. Can it really be that simple? Yes, although it’s not necessarily easy before that muscle is built.