When People Destroy What You’ve Built


In everything that you do there are people whose sole purpose is to destroy. Even in the midst of suffering. Perhaps especially in the midst of suffering. So if you’re an entrepreneur launching an idea, prepare to see the kid who throws stones.

Who Holds You Accountable?


Very few of us give people the keys to our lives. We’ve never had a time where it’s easier to connect with people. And yet, we’ve never been further from having true accountability with one another.

The 7-Word Bio


If I stopped you on the street, could you tell me who you are? Not your name. Maybe not even what you do. But at a deep, fundamental level, could you tell me who you are? Could you do it without taking 10 minutes?

The Loss of Creativity


My mind used to race with new ideas. New thoughts. New dreams. I was constantly inspired to produce. But where once inspiration flowed, my mind’s creativity has been replaced by fear, doubt, worry. Where I once heard a muse, I now hear the mocking laughter of pain and anxiety.

Being Mentally Overweight

Jello Brains

You can’t consume unhealthy television shows without becoming mentally unhealthy. You can’t avoid learning and expect to make good decisions. You can’t read only one side of an argument and not become hateful toward the other side.

What Dinner and Boredom Have in Common


Humans have always fought against habituation. I’m sure after the first caveman invented fire, someone came along and said, “Yeah I saw that last week.” This can creep into our work, whether we find ourselves becoming bored with our work, or thinking there’s nothing “new” we can learn. We simply get used to what we already know.

What Kind of Leader Are You?


Sometimes we try to make leadership more complicated than it has to be. More often than not, leadership is about making one good decision after another. It’s about putting together a string of small steps that eventually take us to a new place.

Top 10: May 2013

Matt Cunnelly

May’s most-viewed articles for your reading pleasure — what’s your favorite?

Do Companies Have A Right to Your Facebook Password?


Imagine you’re at a job interview and you’re asked for your Facebook password. What do you do? How about if you’re working at a company where they are investigating “misconduct” and ask for your Facebook password? Do you turn it over? Can you be fired for refusing?

Is Your Work Driving You Insane?


Let’s face it, not everyone deals with stress in the same way. Some of us internalize every little detail. Others let things roll off our backs. Up until now we knew that stress was bad, and probably had long term effects. But as more research has been done, the trend is clear: stress today takes its toll tomorrow.