Who Holds You Accountable?


Very few of us give people the keys to our lives. We’ve never had a time where it’s easier to connect with people. And yet, we’ve never been further from having true accountability with one another.

What Kind of Leader Are You?


Sometimes we try to make leadership more complicated than it has to be. More often than not, leadership is about making one good decision after another. It’s about putting together a string of small steps that eventually take us to a new place.

Is Your Work Driving You Insane?


Let’s face it, not everyone deals with stress in the same way. Some of us internalize every little detail. Others let things roll off our backs. Up until now we knew that stress was bad, and probably had long term effects. But as more research has been done, the trend is clear: stress today takes its toll tomorrow.

When Good isn’t Good Enough


Bad employees aren’t the threat to organizations chasing excellence; it’s the mediocre employees that are the real problem. So when you look around your organization, what do you see? What are you? For some, I suspect, that answer will be a bit surprising.

13 Unusual Startup Tips From Founders Who’ve Been There, Done That

The YEC asks 13 young entrepreneurs, “What’s your most unorthodox/funny/strange-but-good advice to other startup founders?”

How to Lead Through Uncertainty

With any change that brings uncertainty, there is a process of renewal involved. The old must fall away so that the new can be revealed. This is true in nature as well as in our communities, organizations and in our very selves.

On Becoming a Leader - The One Factor that Can Make or Break You


Though there are a myriad of factors that can determine success, there is one that stands above all the others-one without which no one will get very far. And this vital factor is quite simply a person’s motivation for wanting to become a leader in the first place.

11 Ways to Improve Your Entrepreneurial Leadership Skills

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 10.27.31 PM

Eleven young entrepreneurs answer the question, “What’s one way you improved your leadership this year?”

What is Leadership?


Leadership isn’t just about followers or fame. It’s about how you live your life. It’s about the example that you set for people.

Stop Yelling At Me!

Screen Shot 2012-11-18 at 2.12.26 PM

In 4 experimental studies, psychologists showed that that “customer verbal aggression impaired the cognitive performance of the targets of this aggression. In other words, when you yell at someone, their brain shuts down…