Who Holds You Accountable?


Very few of us give people the keys to our lives. We’ve never had a time where it’s easier to connect with people. And yet, we’ve never been further from having true accountability with one another.

Do Companies Have A Right to Your Facebook Password?


Imagine you’re at a job interview and you’re asked for your Facebook password. What do you do? How about if you’re working at a company where they are investigating “misconduct” and ask for your Facebook password? Do you turn it over? Can you be fired for refusing?

The Dark Side of the Internet is Us


Ripping people down has been part of the human condition for as long as there’s been a human condition. So it’s not as if the internet has suddenly made people do bad things. Instead, it has just lowered the bar. If it’s easy to destroy something, how much easier is it when you can do it from your couch in anonymity?

Facebook’s Graph Search Inspires Excitement or Caution… But Which?


Facebook’s new Graph Search is compelling, and the marketing is juicy. But what questions should we be asking ourselves — as business users, and as personal users too — when considering just how excited to be about it? Where do you draw the line when a business has behaved badly in the past?

The Big Damn Myth About Social Media


Most people get online and think: If only I had a few thousand Facebook friends and 10,000 or so Twitter followers, then my business could take off… But nothing is further from the truth.

Gender in Social Media


How does gender balance affect the way your business uses social media? …or does it?

Do You iFast?


For the last couple of years I’ve been reading about iFasts. The idea that for a full month you simply walk away from social media. Blogging. Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. (Do you feel anxious yet?) But I’ve never been able to commit to it…

The Dangers & Opportunities of Social Media


Many social media users simply don’t understand their privacy options — or the privacy policy they agreed to when they signed up for a particular service. (This is certainly a candidate for simplifying legal jargon, as previously discussed.) Facebook is notorious for its complex and confusing privacy controls, for instance.

Marketing to a Scanning Society

As marketers, it’s easy to become self-obsessed. We think and dream in the colors of our brand. But let’s be honest. The rest of the world, even some of our biggest fans and followers, do not. In fact, they’re digitally bombarded every day to follow, like, subscribe, friend, or add something to their life who will text, email, call, message, post and market to them as well.

Startups: Lead with Social Marketing


Today, the conversation is less about whether you should have a website or whether you should use Mailchimp versus Constant Contact as your small business email provider. Now the conversation is about how quickly and effectively you can start conversations about, with and for your new product or service. And today… the answer is to lead with social marketing.