When Good isn’t Good Enough


Bad employees aren’t the threat to organizations chasing excellence; it’s the mediocre employees that are the real problem. So when you look around your organization, what do you see? What are you? For some, I suspect, that answer will be a bit surprising.

Quickfire: Purpose in Business, Part 2


What do you believe is the most fundamental purpose of creating a business? We asked this question again this week — of a larger audience — and we think you’ll be interested in their responses…

Gender in Social Media


How does gender balance affect the way your business uses social media? …or does it?

The Dangers & Opportunities of Social Media


Many social media users simply don’t understand their privacy options — or the privacy policy they agreed to when they signed up for a particular service. (This is certainly a candidate for simplifying legal jargon, as previously discussed.) Facebook is notorious for its complex and confusing privacy controls, for instance.

Where Are Your Pain Points?

Kirsten Simmons - Personalized Productivity

As business owners and entrepreneurs, you’re probably facing challenges in productivity, time management, organization, hiring, or stress — and I’m interested in knowing more about those challenges.

Examine the Message, Empower the People


Do the messages in your business truly support and empower the people who interact with it? It’s time to take a closer look.

Modern Procrastination


Laziness in a white collar job has nothing to do with avoiding hard physical labor. Instead, it has to do with avoiding difficult (and apparently risky) intellectual labor.

Can a Small-Business Boss Learn from a Crime Boss?

Picture 038

The lessons just might surprise you.