Is Your Work Driving You Insane?


Let’s face it, not everyone deals with stress in the same way. Some of us internalize every little detail. Others let things roll off our backs. Up until now we knew that stress was bad, and probably had long term effects. But as more research has been done, the trend is clear: stress today takes its toll tomorrow.

What's In Your Pick-Me-Up Folder?

Kirsten Simmons - Personalized Productivity

A Pick-Me-Up folder is a folder you keep on your computer desktop, filled with things that make you happy. Pictures of adorable puppies, inspirational quotes, Playboy pinups, songs, videos… anything that can reliably put a smile on your face. If you’re having a particularly rough time, you can even give yourself a half hour to search for things to add to your folder.

Where Are Your Pain Points?

Kirsten Simmons - Personalized Productivity

As business owners and entrepreneurs, you’re probably facing challenges in productivity, time management, organization, hiring, or stress — and I’m interested in knowing more about those challenges.

New to Outsourcing? Hang Onto Your Inbox!

Kirsten Simmons - Personalized Productivity

If you’re new to outsourcing, start with a task that gives you a good chance of success. And if you’re spending two hours a day on e-mail and hitting delete on most of it, you need to do some mass unsubscribes and get that influx down to a more manageable level.

How to Rescue an Unprepared Outsourcer


First, take an uninterrupted day and create a welcome packet to discuss with your VA.

Finding a Good VA


Here’s one way to do it: “Content, turnaround time, progress reports - lay them all out in your job posting and state that pay will be contingent on success. If people can’t measure up to your standards, give them the best opportunity possible to recognize it and not apply.”

Are You Missing This One Critical Outsourcing Step?


Here’s the essential secret to outsourcing - you have to know your business inside and out and understand how the tasks you outsource will represent your business, support your business, and grow your business.

Why Your Best Productivity Technique May Be to Stay In Bed


Everyone’s energy cycles are different, so it may not always hold true that early risers are the most productive.

I'm Done! Now What?


You’ve finished those huge projects. Now you feel at loose ends. That’s O.K. Give yourself some time to recover from that working marathon you’ve just run. Wander, and enjoy the moment. Then you’ll be ready to go again.

What to Do When You're So Overwhelmed You Don't Know What to Do


Make a list. Set deadlines. And jump the first hurdle. Then the next. And the next. . . .