What Dinner and Boredom Have in Common


Humans have always fought against habituation. I’m sure after the first caveman invented fire, someone came along and said, “Yeah I saw that last week.” This can creep into our work, whether we find ourselves becoming bored with our work, or thinking there’s nothing “new” we can learn. We simply get used to what we already know.

The Tyranny of Should


When I introduce the concept of should-as in, I should write that article-the spark of an idea that had begun to blaze as I stoked it burned about as bright as a burnt out match. When believing I “could” write that article turned into I “should,” I no longer wanted to. Much like I feel about cleaning out my garage. It seems important and worthwhile but my procrastination mechanisms kick in and I find myself hanging out on Twitter and Facebook. Then I feel awful.

Inspiration versus Motivation

Inspiration is like a magnet, it draws something to us and it requires trust, faith, and patience. Motivation is what gets us off the dime when we are stalled out by fear.

Less Effort, More Joy, a Lighter Load, and Extraordinary Results

It is our frame of mind about everything we do that has the most direct effect on whether the experience is exhilarating and satisfying or frustrating and heavy. The stories we tell ourselves have a way of coming true.

Outwitting Overwhelm-from Frustration to Freedom


It’s not that what has to get done is all that difficult. It’s that my mind has a way of magnifying things several times their normal size so that it feels like I must tackle Mount Everest when in reality I only need to take a little walk around the block.

[Video] Drive, by Dan Pink

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Actionable Insights are key takeaways from leading business books, delivered to you in 3 minutes or less. Watch to learn more about Drive by Dan Pink.

7 Ways to Get Out of Your Slump and Get Motivated Today


Maybe you had the luxury of a few days off for a summer holiday, and now you want more. And while you may love what you do, there’s something stopping you from really getting back in the swing of things…

I don't feel like it


Why do you need to feel like something in order to do the work? They call it work because it’s difficult, not because it’s something you need to feel like.

Sales Psychology: Harness the Power of Desire


Human behavior is driven by two powerful mental forces: the emotional tug toward what we want and the emotional push away from what we wish to avoid. It’s the pain & pleasure principle.

Why Buying Another Clock Won't Get You There On Time

one more clock

Joel D Canfield tells us why buying another clock won’t make you a punctual person — and why finding why will.