About Diane Bolden

Diane Bolden is passionate about helping people actualize their brilliance in a way that inspires others to do the same. In addition to being the author of The Pinocchio Principle ~ Becoming the Leader You Were Born to Be, Diane is an executive coach, speaker, yoga lover and mother of three. Join Diane On the Road to Real, visit her Synchronistically Speaking blog, follow her on Twitter;, or visit her YouTube channel for more.

What Great Leaders Know about Worst Case Scenarios


Extraordinary leaders in all walks of life know that they possess the ability to change their story by choosing their response, and that response has a resounding impact on themselves and everyone around them. They know that the most powerful and sustainable change must start from within themselves.

Forging Through Fear - Falling Isn’t Failing

Upmarket Magazine

Is there something you are keeping yourself from doing - something really good for you that you worry you won’t get right? Are you cheating yourself of the satisfaction of getting it done because you are afraid of what might happen? If so, this video is for you.

Lessons Learned: A Career Comeback


One of the worst things to happen to me turned out to be one of the best. You’ve heard that story, right? Tragedy to triumph? Bitter to better? Here’s my story and what I learned along the way. Anyone who has ever been overlooked, disrespected or had their good ideas stolen in their work can relate.

Bridging the Gap Between No More and Not Yet

Upmarket Magazine

Diane Bolden recorded this video after meeting with a client who was at a crossroads in his life.  His experience resonated deeply with her own, and with so many of us who are on the brink of letting go of what isn’t working anymore and stepping into our true brilliance. Maybe you can relate….

Why Perfection is a Losing Game

Upmarket Magazine

Have you ever played a game that you just couldn’t walk away from even though it drove you to the brink of madness? Well, mine was the game of PERFECTION. It took me a long time to really grasp what the true cost of playing it is. And I created this video shortly after I came to the realization that it was a game I was finally done playing.

Get What You Really Want-Right Now


Can you answer the question, “What do you really want?” How about its follow-up, “What would that give you?” And, most importantly, “What if you could have that now?”

A New Perspective on Fear


A low, gravelly voice said from behind, “Don’t be afraid.” How do we override the knee-jerk, fear-filled response to what we believe is coming to hurt us?

Surfing the Wave of Chaos


When a wave of chaos is poised to crash and take us under, we can flail about and hold our breath, or we can ride it. Ride the wave. Even if it takes you under. You’ll come out on top eventually. Remember to breathe when you have the opportunity.

Let it Rip-The Power of Unpolished


When I see people at their most vulnerable, I feel truly connected. We are all human. We cry. We love. We leap. We fall. We yearn. When was the last time you stepped out with nothing prepared to face what ranks as the number one fear-public speaking?

Taking Your Leap


When the time has come to leap, you may think you will have certainty. Not so. But there are things to anticipate that may give you clarity.