A New Perspective on Fear


A low, gravelly voice said from behind, “Don’t be afraid.” How do we override the knee-jerk, fear-filled response to what we believe is coming to hurt us?

Let it Rip-The Power of Unpolished


When I see people at their most vulnerable, I feel truly connected. We are all human. We cry. We love. We leap. We fall. We yearn. When was the last time you stepped out with nothing prepared to face what ranks as the number one fear-public speaking?

The Loss of Creativity


My mind used to race with new ideas. New thoughts. New dreams. I was constantly inspired to produce. But where once inspiration flowed, my mind’s creativity has been replaced by fear, doubt, worry. Where I once heard a muse, I now hear the mocking laughter of pain and anxiety.

Taking Your Leap


When the time has come to leap, you may think you will have certainty. Not so. But there are things to anticipate that may give you clarity.

Turning Pro: Shadow Careers

If you’re dissatisfied with your current life, ask yourself what your current life is a metaphor for. That metaphor will point you toward your true calling.

The doormat, the jerk and the lizard brain


The best reason to be a jerk at work is that of course no one will listen to you or support you or embrace your ideas — you’re a jerk. The best reason to be a doormat at work is that in your effort to get along, to be nice, and to go with the flow, of course you won’t be expected to stand up and shout, “follow me” when your ideas might take you in a different direction.

Ishita Gupta: Talking About Fear

This last week I had a discussion with Ishita Gupta about fear — and when it comes to understanding fear in business and getting perspective on what works, she’s one of my favorite sources of ideas and information.

Time is . . . Memory?

When our life is threatened, time seems to slow. When we’re in a state of flow, it ceases to exist. Why? And how are they connected?

Wilbur and the Pigpen

In a world with no fences, it can sometimes be hard to choose any direction at all…. We can run in circles when we get freaked out. Or we can stop running and try to learn from the experience.

Get Scrappier: Overcoming Fear and Activating Conversations

Upmarket contributor Michelle Fitzgerald shares the importance of marketing with the release of her eBook, “Get Scrappier.”