Playful Pricing & Being Nice

La Petite Syrah

La Petite Syrah’s pricing is surprising, unorthodox, and downright playful! We’re all used to being very serious about trading our stuff and skills for money. What happens if we play with it instead?

How does your business impact… everything?

Upmarket Magazine

Are there natural repercussions for a business that wants to claim credit for wide-ranging positive impact… but prefers to disclaim, excuse, or blame away any seemingly-related negative impact?

The High Value of Not Working


If we’re going to harp on the subject of increased freedom and creativity in the workplace, perhaps we ought to talk about increased *internal* freedom and creativity as well. Do you feel guilty when you stop working?

Kevin Spacey on Netflix & the traditional TV industry

Photo by Clara Molden, found here:

Kevin Spacey in his GEITF 2013 keynote: “Give people what they want… when they want it… in the form they want it in… at a reasonable price… and they’ll more likely pay for it rather than steal it.” New news? Unlikely!

Embracing Disruption at SXSW 2014

Embracing Disruption

Public voting for panel sessions at SXSW in Austin began this week. Nathan Toups and Brad Carleton, the authors of Embracing Disruption: A Cloud Revolution Manifesto, have submitted a panel for consideration.

Don’t Dumb Down Your Art

Original photo.

A lesson from Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and MEM-on being true to yourself, and the light that can spread.

Top 10: May 2013

Matt Cunnelly

May’s most-viewed articles for your reading pleasure — what’s your favorite?

Top 10: April 2013


Our most visited articles from April 2013 — have you read them?

Top 10: March 2013

Liesel Rigsby for Lisa

Catch up on our best and most popular content in this Top 10 list for March 2013!

Special Series: Cultivate Creativity

Brieann Kinsey, designer extraordinare

For the last few weeks we’ve been running special series called Cultivate Creativity, inspired by Nolan Bushnell’s latest book. We ran four wonderful pieces from existing contributors, and if you missed them, you’ll want to check them out now…