Top 10: April 2013

April has turned to May, so we’ve got April’s most popular content all in one place for you — this handy-dandy top 10 list! See anything delicious?

1. Turning Pro: A Practice Is Lifelong, an excerpt by Steven Pressfield (illustrated by Martin Whitmore). “Life is the pursuit. Life is the hunt. When our hearts burst… then we’ll go out, and no sooner.”

2. Entrepreneur Finds Success Through The Hijab by Vera L. Dordick. Most of us would not likely use the words “hijab” and “high fashion” in the same sentence, but if Yasemin Kanar of Miami has her way, they could become synonymous.

3. The New Marketing Model for Success by Lisa Manyon. When we know in our hearts we are meant to make a difference, we owe it to ourselves and our fellow humans to step forward and be heard. More women are choosing to express these gifts by starting a business or becoming an entrepreneur. We create new opportunities as a conduit to share our gifts by providing services and benefits for the greater good.

4. How to Change Your Company Culture: 12 High-Impact Ideas by The YEC. The YEC asks 12 young entrepreneurs, “What is ONE thing you did in your company that had the biggest impact on culture?”

5. Got Strategy? by Erica Holthausen. Before you can make effective use of the tools in the marketing toolbox, you first have to know who you want to reach and exactly what you want to say. In other words, you need to have a strategy. Without a strategy, your marketing message will lack both cohesion and effectiveness.

6. Turning Pro: The Pain of Being Human, an excerpt by Steven Pressfield (illustrated by Martin Whitmore). The Gnostics believed that exile was the essential condition of man. Do you agree? Steven Pressfield does. The artist and the addict both wrestle with this experience of exile.

7. We All Have A Responsibility To Create by Eric Barrett. “This is why I create. This is why I’m willing to put up with frustration, stress, and obstacles. Because of all the millions of aspiring writers, of all the thousands of organizational consultants that exist in the world, I am unique. Just like you are unique.”

8. Special Series: Cultivate CreativityOur Cultivate Creativity series went wonderfully, and apparently the series wrap post was popular as well. Here are the four series pieces our contributors whipped up…

9. Why Founders Need A Lesson In Law by Ken Oboh. You don’t have to spend three years at a university or $100,000 on a law education to make sure your company has a solid future — but a strong familiarity with law practices can be a great help when it comes to knowing your rights as a business owner.

10. Top 10: March 2013. It is no longer any surprise to us when the previous month’s top 10 make it onto the current month’s list. And it’s a great opportunity to see the best of the best from the last couple of months!

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