Top 10: April 2013


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Turning Pro: A Practice Is Lifelong

Life is the pursuit. Life is the hunt. When our hearts burst… then we’ll go out, and no sooner.

Turning Pro: The Pain of Being Human

2013-01-04-a Pain Human

The Gnostics believed that exile was the essential condition of man. Do you agree? Steven Pressfield does. The artist and the addict both wrestle with this experience of exile.

Top 10: March 2013

Liesel Rigsby for Lisa

Catch up on our best and most popular content in this Top 10 list for March 2013!

Turning Pro: Shadow Careers

If you’re dissatisfied with your current life, ask yourself what your current life is a metaphor for. That metaphor will point you toward your true calling.

Book Recommendation: The War of Art

Resistance is the enemy and you can beat it — with the help of this inspiring book.