Julia Child: Mastering the Art of Marketing

Julia Child, Miami Bookfair International, 1989

Julia Child’s popularity was due in no small part because she was so different. Not different from you and me, but different from what you saw on television. But the television personality and cookbook author we know so well is only a small part of who Julia Child really was as an individual.

Don’t Dumb Down Your Art

Original photo.

A lesson from Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and MEM-on being true to yourself, and the light that can spread.

In Praise of Abercrombie & Fitch

Earlier this month, the internet exploded in response to some very old news about Abercrombie & Fitch. It turns out that the popular clothing retailer has established very clear criteria for the types of young men and women who should—and should not—be wearing their clothes. And most of us don’t make the cut. This is not new news.

Why We All Have a Responsiblity to Create


This is why I create. This is why I’m willing to put up with frustration, stress, and obstacles. Because of all the millions of aspiring writers, of all the thousands of organizational consultants that exist in the world, I am unique. Just like you are unique.

Free Your Inner 5-Year-Old: Divergent Thinking & Creativity

Brieann Kinsey, designer extraordinare

To bring creativity back to the workplace, we must shed our outdated beliefs. We must let go of the industrialized notion that our systems and processes can go on and on… unaffected. These beliefs are blinding us and holding us hostage to our fear of the unknown.

Turning Pro: Shadow Careers

If you’re dissatisfied with your current life, ask yourself what your current life is a metaphor for. That metaphor will point you toward your true calling.

Building Your Brand


Your brand is the emotional response an individual has to your business; it is the story she tells herself about whether your business can provide what she needs. Branding consists of all the actions you take to infuse your business with personality so you can elicit a specific emotional response from your ideal client. It is how you show her that your business can indeed provide exactly what she needs.

Why You’re An Idiot, But I’m Just Having a Bad Day


Because we see our life through our own eyes, we give ourselves a pass on some of the worst behavior because we can easily think of excuses. But when it comes to others, we assume that their current behavior is a problem with their personality or just “who they are.”

Conveying Your Message

Work In Progress

When crafting your marketing message, only one thing really matters: resonant clarity. A strong marketing message clearly indicates who you work with and what results you help them achieve. To be effective, it also must resonate with the people you wish to serve.

Bigger Things Are Calling You


More and more, business owners are unhappy with how they have been doing things, and they’re ready for change. Aren;t we champions of risk, purveyors of change, and railers against the status quo? When is the time to change?