In Praise of Abercrombie & Fitch

Earlier this month, the internet exploded in response to some very old news about Abercrombie & Fitch. It turns out that the popular clothing retailer has established very clear criteria for the types of young men and women who should—and should not—be wearing their clothes. And most of us don’t make the cut. This is not new news.

Building Your Brand


Your brand is the emotional response an individual has to your business; it is the story she tells herself about whether your business can provide what she needs. Branding consists of all the actions you take to infuse your business with personality so you can elicit a specific emotional response from your ideal client. It is how you show her that your business can indeed provide exactly what she needs.

Creating a Brand Experience: How You Can Be Special

As a consumer, how often are you roused from your weary, robotic trundle long enough to actually notice an unexpected detail, a memorable moment, or an innovative idea in action? More than likely, the answer is, “Not often enough!”

The Five-Step Method to Growing a Remarkable Brand


A “blooming” brand is one that’s growing in recognition and respect. People are talking about it because it’s unique, memorable and remarkable.

(3) Sales Skills That Every Marketer Should Have

Who knew marketing put you in sales? But it did. Own it. Rock it.