About Rhiannon Llewellyn

Rhiannon is a holistic business coach and a brand transmogrifier, as well as a mother of four and a podcaster. With her company, Brand Shift Media, she coaches and designs for entrepreneurs and business owners as they create or re-envision their brand identity.

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Bigger Things Are Calling You


Inviting change into your life and business can mean that everything is going to be sideways for a while. Having a roadmap is deeply valuable to you when you are making and experiencing shifts.

How Making Mistakes Leads You to Your True Purpose


Here in the online business space, it’s well known that you can start a new business with nothing more than an idea, a website, and something for sale — and many of us got our feet wet with that exact business model. As a newbie in business four and a half years ago, I tried a lot of things that taught me many valuable lessons.

Get Clear on These Three Things to Hire the Right Designer


When hiring a designer to create graphics for you the most important thing for you, as the business owner, to bring to the table is a clear business direction.

Where Design and Business Intersect


Design and business have always been perfect complementary halves. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, like cheese and crackers, like Han and Leia. Like Lennon and McCartney.