Getting Unstuck - The Power of Purpose

When you are up against a large task or project, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the details and the magnitude of what is before you. In a state of overwhelm, the focus goes from the joy of getting something done to the aggravation of having something undone.

Quickfire: Purpose in Business, Part 2

What do you believe is the most fundamental purpose of creating a business? We asked this question again this week — of a larger audience — and we think you’ll be interested in their responses…

How Making Mistakes Leads You to Your True Purpose


Here in the online business space, it’s well known that you can start a new business with nothing more than an idea, a website, and something for sale — and many of us got our feet wet with that exact business model. As a newbie in business four and a half years ago, I tried a lot of things that taught me many valuable lessons.

The Neurology of Motivation

Jen Waak / Martin Whitmore - Gears

In its simplest form, motivation is a choice between two outcomes. In your brain, you balance the short and long-term costs and rewards of various options, and make a decision. And oftentimes short-term interests win out over long-term interests…