Rekindling Your Passion at Work

The experiences we have come down to what we allow ourselves to feel and what we are thinking about and believing when we are having them. So, perhaps it is conceivable that we can learn to deliberately respond to situations in ways that would lead us to draw out the same emotion and energy-no matter where we are.

Presence Point: Project Passion & Inspire Your Audience


“I care a lot about the work I do, but I’ve noticed over time that I don’t seem to convey this well to potential employers,” she told me. “I think there’s a missing link in the way I talk to people, in my communication or voice or body language. Can you help me communicate in a way that effectively and honestly conveys the passion and intensity I feel in my work?”

Why Being an Entrepreneur Could Save Your Life (and Make You More Attractive)

There is a health price to be paid for not doing what you are “called” to do. There’s not enough alcohol, drugs, food, or sex in the world to dodge what you were born to be — no matter how scary it seems.

Permission Granted: If You Could Be Paid To Do Anything You Want, What Would It Be?


You love what you love for a reason. It’s a sign pointing you towards your own Sweet Spot. Grant yourself the gift of acknowledging it…

How Making Mistakes Leads You to Your True Purpose


Here in the online business space, it’s well known that you can start a new business with nothing more than an idea, a website, and something for sale — and many of us got our feet wet with that exact business model. As a newbie in business four and a half years ago, I tried a lot of things that taught me many valuable lessons.

Marketing Lessons from Car Talk

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Last week, the hosts of the long-running NPR show Car Talk announced they’ll retire at the end of September. Brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi (known as Click and Clack on the air) have been on the radio for 35 years, with 25 of those broadcast nationally through NPR.

Phoning It In

Life’s too short to phone it in.

Belief Systems: Why do we disconnect the analytical from the artistic?

Current conversation: Science has shown that creativity and intuition can all be learned. Why do so many people believe that analysis is learnable, but artistry is not? Join the conversation and tell us what you think.

Enthusiasm Sparks Sales

You can’t overstate the power of passion.

Build Only What You Believe In

If you don’t believe in what you’re building, you’ll never build something great. Not because it’s impossible, but because you simply won’t have the desire to do it!