Special Series: Cultivate Creativity

Brieann Kinsey, designer extraordinare

For the last few weeks we’ve been running special series called Cultivate Creativity, inspired by Nolan Bushnell’s latest book. We ran four wonderful pieces from existing contributors, and if you missed them, you’ll want to check them out now…

Presence Point: Project Passion & Inspire Your Audience


“I care a lot about the work I do, but I’ve noticed over time that I don’t seem to convey this well to potential employers,” she told me. “I think there’s a missing link in the way I talk to people, in my communication or voice or body language. Can you help me communicate in a way that effectively and honestly conveys the passion and intensity I feel in my work?”

[Video] Charlie Gilkey on Communication Structure

Charlie Gilkey / Productive Flourishing

Today Productive Flourishing’s Charlie Gilkey explains that the best structure in your business is well-structured communication, rather than an overly structured environment. Enjoy!

When Reinvention Goes Wrong

The point of a career reinvention is to trade something you no longer enjoy for something that you enjoy doing, at least in theory. Many people make the switch and are very happy with their new vocation, new lifestyle, and newfound freedom. I was one of those people-until the novelty wore off and the hard realities of my industry and running a business took over.

Free Your Inner 5-Year-Old: Divergent Thinking & Creativity

Brieann Kinsey, designer extraordinare

To bring creativity back to the workplace, we must shed our outdated beliefs. We must let go of the industrialized notion that our systems and processes can go on and on… unaffected. These beliefs are blinding us and holding us hostage to our fear of the unknown.