About Charlie Gilkey

Charlie Gilkey is the go-to guy for changemakers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners for figuring out how to get the right things done. His blog, Productive Flourishing, is one of the top productivity and business blogs on the web. His forthcoming book, Beyond Bootstrapping, helps entrepreneurs and small business owners become better executives and build better businesses from the business they’ve already built.

[Video] Kickstarter: Ensure Marketable, Saleable Products

Charlie Gilkey

Kickstarter is a phenomenal tool for determining what your market wants FIRST — before you build it. Charlie Gilkey of Productive Flourishing gives us his great insights on this crowdfunding resource.

How to Lead Through Disruption

Across the Ice

The old model of executive leadership often revolved around being able to “stay the course through adversity.” In the age of disruption we’re living in, it’s time to update that model. We need leaders who are far more adaptable and know when to quit earlier, rather than staying the course.

Decide Early and Often

Now or Later

Rather than letting the list of decisions pile up and become too convoluted, make a decision as soon as you can and move on, especially on the simple decisions.

How To Break Free From The Task Heap

Trapped Under The Heap

The only way out is to build better team processes and execution that remove those 15-minute tasks from your heap for good.

The Executive's Guide to Limiting Decision Fatigue


Ever notice that you’re tired at the end of the day even though you may not have actually done any physical work?

3 Simple Questions To Help Guide Your Business's Operations

Absorbed pensive mature businessman

Give yourself 30 minutes to think about these questions posed by Charlie Gilkey.

The 3 Things Every Executive Should Focus On


To be a better CEO, you must have vision, engage in strategic decision-making, guide the team and assess results. Not simple, but worth it.