13 Unusual Startup Tips From Founders Who’ve Been There, Done That

The YEC asks 13 young entrepreneurs, “What’s your most unorthodox/funny/strange-but-good advice to other startup founders?”

8 Social Startup Campaigns to Inspire You in the New Year

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Eight young entrepreneurs answer the question, “What’s the most inspiring thing you saw a socially minded startup do in 2012 and why?”

6 Reality Checks for Building the Possible Dream


It takes a dream to build a business. But turning your dream into reality? That takes reality testing. Here are six reality checks to keep you on track.

You See A Gorgeous Girl At A Party…


You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say, “Let’s dance”. You show her the moves. You take her on unassuming dates on bicycle, talk a lot, dance some more. Slowly, she realizes you’re rich. By the time you say “Will you marry me?” she’s been waiting for it. That’s Content Marketing.

How a Mosquito Can Ruin Your Business


We become obsessed with the small issues, and we miss the big problems. We worry about customers following our procedures and don’t wonder if our procedures are destroying our sales. We focus on controlling our employee’s time because we’re so afraid of “unproductive behaviors” that we miss the dramatic change in motivation as employees go from being excited about work… to drones in a factory.

One Simple Way to Stand Out In Any Crowd

How do you know when you hit the right spot and over deliver to a high degree? It’s the moment when your customer cracks the unexpected smile. You pleasantly surprised them and caught them off guard.

Decide Early and Often

Now or Later

Rather than letting the list of decisions pile up and become too convoluted, make a decision as soon as you can and move on, especially on the simple decisions.

Why Twitter Matters, Facebook Loses and How Pinterest Gets Our Attention


On what social channels should you focus your efforts?

Don't Believe the Hype About Internet Marketing, It's a Sequel

All Internet Marketing is amplified word-of-mouth and networking combined. If you think about it this way, it becomes a lot easier to figure out what needs to be done.

Can a Small-Business Boss Learn from a Crime Boss?

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The lessons just might surprise you.