Turn Down the Volume


Working in a call center, call volume is the be-all and end-all, despite the nods higher-ups make to quality and customer satisfaction. What matters most is how many calls I answer… not how many people I assist or educate or, God forbid, improve the days of during those calls.

Too Much is Never Enough


In this week’s Tales from the Call Center, Nicole Nagy asks the increasingly desperate questions that occupy the minds of many customer service employees. Not the least of which is this: What happens when you have to pay the rent somehow but your job makes you sick to your stomach?

Emoticon Blues (More Tales from the Call Center)

Photo by Ben Ward

“Working in a call center, it’s hard to relax. The next call could literally be anything. One small victory overshadowed by the complexity of a new problem I may not be able to solve, and the bad calls leave deeper and longer-lasting emotional imprints on minds and souls. Do we cling to small victories because the alternative is to sink into despair?”

Tales from the Call Center: Just another day in the office…


Tales from the Call Center: “I’m supposed to be the antidote to the automated telephone system, but it doesn’t always feel that way. Couldn’t I help people more effectively if we could just interact like human beings? Productivity and efficiency are buzzwords in the business world, but is it working?”

Planning For A Customer’s Bad Day


When an client leaves a company it’s never because of one moment. It’s always because things were building over time. You never know when someone has reached the tipping point.

Stop Yelling At Me!

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In 4 experimental studies, psychologists showed that that “customer verbal aggression impaired the cognitive performance of the targets of this aggression. In other words, when you yell at someone, their brain shuts down…

Good, Better or Best — How Do You Answer?


What kind of answers make loyal, repeat customers? The ones that say, “I care about you more than I care about making this sale.”

6 Reality Checks for Building the Possible Dream


It takes a dream to build a business. But turning your dream into reality? That takes reality testing. Here are six reality checks to keep you on track.

Listen Between the Lines

Skillfully responding to objections isn’t the same as active listening. Active listening means understanding the reason behind the objection.

Discounts Aren't Your Only Option

People love to get a discount, and they hate to give up value in order to get it. Your only true defense against discounting your wares into oblivion is to offer different levels of value at different price points and let the buyer decide.