How Mentors Truly Make a Difference in Entrepreneurship

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Describe one mentor or role model who helped you get your first biz off the ground and why. What did they do that made a difference? Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council give us their answers (and inspirations)…

Pure Inspiration For When You Need To Feed Your Spirit

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It’s always good to have reliable sources of inspiration in your toolbox to which you can turn, whether you’re having a challenging day and want to lift your mood, or you just want to stoke the fires of your inspiration and stay in that space of being filled up yourself so you have more good stuff to flow out to others.

6 Reality Checks for Building the Possible Dream

It takes a dream to build a business. But turning your dream into reality? That takes reality testing. Here are six reality checks to keep you on track.

Get In the Practice of Being Perfect


When you approach a prospect half-heartedly, or when you’re tired, or not on your “A” game, you re-enforce mediocrity and erode excellence.

Embracing Your Vision

You have something inside of you that is waiting to be unleashed into the world. The very act of doing it will rock your world, and that of others as well. Maybe it isn’t a multimillion dollar theme park, or a screenplay, or an organization. But whatever it is will carry the unique essence of you – who you are – and the compilation of everything each of your individual experiences has prepared you for. And if you bring it forward with the intention of making the world a better place, you will.

How Many Bass Players Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

How many bass players does it take to change a light bulb?

Why Joel Canfield picked up the bass guitar — and the why behind your business — are very similar, very important questions. Let’s start at the root…

From Corporate To Sweet Spot: A Rising Star's Lessons Learned

Andrea Kennedy

After 8 years in marketing, and working as a marketing manager with a $2 million budget, Andrea Kennedy realized that there was very little true understanding of the customer going on, or care for the user experience…

The Imagineering Way


When you’re in a rut, you need something to pull you out of the ashes and ignite a fire. Jennifer Vandenberg’s solution is to grab “The Imagineering Way.” She says, “No one can stay in a rut after browsing through this fun and creative book.”

Primed for Icebergs


Playing off our inherent need and ability to find patterns, our brains are wired to see what we expect to see—even if that’s the answer to a question, an answer we don’t know yet. We’re good at finding similarities. Too good, sometimes. Prime yourself to see differences.

Sitting May Kill You!


Eric Barrett thinks a new study on the effect of sitting indicates a bigger issue — that people often work as they do out of habit, and it’s time that some businesses come up with better ways to measure and inspire productivity.