Bigger Things Are Calling You

Inviting change into your life and business can mean that everything is going to be sideways for a while. Having a roadmap is deeply valuable to you when you are making and experiencing shifts.

Getting Unstuck - The Power of Purpose

Have you ever had a really hard time getting something done? Something big? (Or something that feels big?) In a state of overwhelm, the focus goes from the joy of getting something done to the aggravation of having something undone.

Play Is Serious Business

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In a bad economy, creative thinkers have turned fantasy into reality. Their companies, which allow you to live out your dreams of driving a backhoe or flying a plane, are weathering the recession nicely.

On Becoming a Leader - The One Factor that Can Make or Break You

Though there are a myriad of factors that can determine success, there is one that stands above all the others-one without which no one will get very far. And this vital factor is quite simply a person’s motivation for wanting to become a leader in the first place.

An Antidote to Life’s Frustrations

When life brings you down, it’s easy to become excessively focused on all the things that seem to be a source of frustration. And it is all too easy to become completely immersed in the feeling of dissatisfaction itself.

Getting Connected ~ What Intuition and the Internet Have in Common

Accessing our intuition allows us to connect to knowledge that surpasses what we can directly see, feel, hear, touch, or taste. Connecting to something bigger in this way allows us not only to receive data but also to send it-in a similar fashion to the way we do a search on the internet.

What Can Your Business Learn From Football?

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If you aren’t making a choice to be a winner, don’t be surprised when you lose. Eric Barrett shares his insights on business — via football.

Frightful to Delightful: The Power of a Story

Remember that things aren’t always what they seem — and people are not always who we think they are.

Riding the Wave of Chaos

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Seize the moment to do whatever you gut tells you to. Even if at the time it seems like the craziest thing you could possibly think of…

Creating the list

If you had a better list, would you do better work? If you made the list instead of just obeying it, would you be a more valuable member of the team?