Creating the list

If you had a better list, would you do better work? If you made the list instead of just obeying it, would you be a more valuable member of the team?

Transcending Tradition — Becoming You

The expectation of a Shuhari kata is to break free of tradition and anything that has been done before — to invent a distinctly unique and original application.

Bring Your Marketing Home

Don’t wait until you have something to sell to bring marketing and sales home. Whenever you get triggered by a sleazy marketing or sales technique, run these 4 questions…

The Key to Profit for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs: Personal Transformation

red butterfly

The first step to transformation is simple. When you find yourself reacting against a business practice, ask yourself, “What if this didn’t have to be sleazy?”

Bouncing Back: Perseverance Personified

“Success” and “failure” are nothing more than labels for stepping stone experiences — but both words are loaded with judgment. But what if they are simply two sides of the same coin?

You rock

Five minutes a day you might do exceptional work, remarkable work, work that matters. Five minutes a day you might defeat the lizard brain long enough to stand up and make a difference.

7 Ways to Stop Impostor Syndrome in its Tracks

doll head

It happens to everybody, including the most experienced and successful people. One minute you’re a player, and the next you’re an impostor. A pretend expert. An embarrassing excuse for a professional…

Leaping into the Unknown

Once there was a man who didn’t fit the environment he was in. He had three choices. One was to ignore his instincts and simply play the game…

The 9-to-5 Doesn’t Always Make Sense (How I Work)


“I work in bursts of creation, usually 90 minutes to 3 hours in length, inset by pauses for lengthy conversations, explorations, and movement.”

How Do You Treat Your Early Adopters?


How many customers have been lost simply because we treat them as expendable test subjects? How you treat early adopters matters.