The Key to Profit for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs: Personal Transformation

red butterfly

The first step to transformation is simple. When you find yourself reacting against a business practice, ask yourself, “What if this didn’t have to be sleazy?”

Lower Your Standards to Reach Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals


If you feel stifled, stuck, or just plain discouraged about reaching your Big Hairy Audacious Goal, lower your standards.

Selling: The Surprising Secret Sauce that Builds Community

Selling: The Surprising Secret Sauce that Builds Community

A core community changes everything, focuses your attention, and gives you more bandwidth to take care of your just-right clients. How do you build that community? Molly Gordon’s answer: Selling.

Why I'm tired of Nelson Mandela’s inaugural address

Nelson Mandela

Marketing is a duty you owe to your just-right clients. Learning how to do it well can make you a better person — and Molly Gordon shows us how.

Is Your Battery Low? Business Vision and Creative Overhead

Your business can be a clear and powerful expression of your big vision — if you invest in your own creative overhead.