Selling: The Surprising Secret Sauce that Builds Community

Selling: The Surprising Secret Sauce that Builds Community

A core community changes everything, focuses your attention, and gives you more bandwidth to take care of your just-right clients. How do you build that community? Molly Gordon’s answer: Selling.

Sales Psychology: The Secret of Instant Rapport

Rapport is the state of magical connection where communication simply flows between individuals. It’s the perfect state for selling. And here’s how to achieve it quickly and effectively.

Why Yard Sales Are Named Wrong (And What That Means to You)

A yard sale is not about making money. If you want to make money, carefully craft meaningful ads for Craigslist, eBay, your website, the local paper. But piling all the junk from your garage and closets out in the yard is not about making money. What can business authors learn from that?

Sales Psychology: Why Logic Makes or Breaks Every Sale

Want to boost sales? Rationalize and justify the decision to buy, for every prospect who crosses your path.

Sales Psychology: The 3 Keys to Successful Selling

Once you know the keys to selling, it’s easy to quickly identify the areas of weakness where your business and selling style is struggling.

Your Prospects Don't See the World Like You

The degree to which you understand a person’s reference points will determine how easily you will find marketing and selling to them.

Stop Selling and Close the Deal

When people are ready to buy, do you make it easy? Do you keep selling and forget to close the deal?

Breaking Through an Entrepreneur's Crisis: "No Time to Sell!"

Keep this in mind — what you can’t hire is another salesman like you.