Good, Better or Best — How Do You Answer?

What kind of answers make loyal, repeat customers? The ones that say, “I care about you more than I care about making this sale.”

Bring Your Marketing Home

Don’t wait until you have something to sell to bring marketing and sales home. Whenever you get triggered by a sleazy marketing or sales technique, run these 4 questions…

The Big Damn Myth About Social Media

Most people get online and think: If only I had a few thousand Facebook friends and 10,000 or so Twitter followers, then my business could take off… But nothing is further from the truth.

Open buying and open selling

In many markets, there’s an opportunity to offer people a cheap way to affiliate with you and keep a bigger piece of the pie in exchange.

How to Sell More Ethically

You have to sell in order to stay in business. But the good news is that you don’t have to fall into the trap of becoming a slimy salesperson.

Sales Fundamentals (They're Not Complicated)

Stop trying to complicate the easy stuff. Sell them what you know they need — not what you want.

Sales Don’t Make the Salesperson – Relationships Do

The purpose of sales is to build relationships that create ongoing loyalty and demand for your product that results in sales.

Sales Psychology: The Nutshell Guide to Corporate Schmoozing

Selling at the enterprise level is simply fantastic. When one sales meeting results in hundreds of thousands of dollars, you’ll never want to sell to anyone else.

Why I'm tired of Nelson Mandela’s inaugural address

Nelson Mandela

Marketing is a duty you owe to your just-right clients. Learning how to do it well can make you a better person — and Molly Gordon shows us how.

Get In the Practice of Being Perfect


When you approach a prospect half-heartedly, or when you’re tired, or not on your “A” game, you re-enforce mediocrity and erode excellence.