The Power of Connection: Maintaining Valuable Relationships (Part 3)

The Power of Connection (Part 3)

This series started with a discussion about where to find good connections and how to build your relationships. Here, Erica Holthausen will give you a few tips for how to maintain those relationships.

Sales Don’t Make the Salesperson – Relationships Do

The purpose of sales is to build relationships that create ongoing loyalty and demand for your product that results in sales.

[Video] WDS 2011 vs 2012: Relationship Building Advice from Ambassador Bruny

Ambassador Bruny

Mike Ambassador Bruny gives us his comparison of the World Domination Summit 2011 and 2012 — including his fantastic networking & relationship building advice.

You Can't Hit What You Don't Aim For

Intent is a powerful tool. In the “trust tree” it’s the trunk — the only portion that’s partly invisible, partly visible. Our intent begins inside, then becomes evident to others.

Do You iFast?


For the last couple of years I’ve been reading about iFasts. The idea that for a full month you simply walk away from social media. Blogging. Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. (Do you feel anxious yet?) But I’ve never been able to commit to it…

(3) Sales Skills That Every Marketer Should Have

Who knew marketing put you in sales? But it did. Own it. Rock it.