3 Lessons In Trusting Yourself

Trust Yourself Robby Virus

I recently wrote about a 30-day experiment in doing only what inspires me. I rented out my home and set out on a trip to New York, taking my business with me. I was having the most amazing day in New York City until I realized that there was a LOT of water in my bag that had my Macbook Pro in it.

Who can you trust? Why the hardest trust to earn is your own.

Some say we don’t trust ourselves because we’re neurotic. I don’t find that helpful. I suggest that a big reason we don’t trust ourselves is that we are less careful about the commitments we make to ourselves than we are about the commitments we make to others.

Facebook’s Graph Search Inspires Excitement or Caution… But Which?


Facebook’s new Graph Search is compelling, and the marketing is juicy. But what questions should we be asking ourselves — as business users, and as personal users too — when considering just how excited to be about it? Where do you draw the line when a business has behaved badly in the past?

People Do Business With People They Like and Trust

It’s very likely that the people you enjoy doing business with and know, like and trust the most are focused on you and your needs and not their own.

Trust in Creativity

Trust is not disposable nor instant. It cannot be demonstrated in a week. But it is invaluable.

Dream Big — Trust Big

Perhaps the whispers of our heart and the calls to greatness that we feel within our souls are essential components of a larger, collective plan that we each play a vital part in.

(3) Sales Skills That Every Marketer Should Have

Who knew marketing put you in sales? But it did. Own it. Rock it.

"Notice me"

There’s more to life than being noticed.

Don’t Miss These Warning Signs of Fraud

Most of us want to believe our colleagues are good, honest people. But the facts seem to indicate that we may be a little too trusting.