The Fastest Way to Fufill Your Dream

Sailboat Romeo Koitmäe

What do you dream of when it comes to your business? What is the inspiring vision that keeps you going through the inevitable ups and downs that happen as part of being an entrepreneur? What do you hope this is all leading to?

You are / whatever you say / you are.

Who are you? Who do you want to be? And who is it that you say you are? This is important. Are you what others say you are? Or are you what you say you are? More importantly – do you dream big and admit your capabilities to yourself?

Harnessing the Power of Thought


The sooner we realize and understand that through our thoughts we have a hand in creating the reality we experience, the more we harness our true power to work its magic in ways that bring us our hearts’ desires.

Are You Waiting for Permission to Chase Your Dreams?

We can’t wait for permission to start chasing our dreams. And we can’t hide in our dreams. We have to take steps to make our dreams become a reality.

Dream Big — Trust Big

Perhaps the whispers of our heart and the calls to greatness that we feel within our souls are essential components of a larger, collective plan that we each play a vital part in.

2 Keys to Making Your Dreams a Reality

When someone tells you that your dream is foolish, instead of being discouraged, just remember one word: trampolines. And then maybe a second one: band-aids.