The Fastest Way to Fufill Your Dream

What do you dream of when it comes to your business? What is the inspiring vision that keeps you going through the inevitable ups and downs that happen as part of being an entrepreneur?

Stop for a moment and check: what’s the best possible scenario for you? What do you hope this is all leading to?

Let’s say, for example, you hope to create financial freedom for you and your family (while, of course, doing good for your clients and customers). How do you expect you’ll feel when that happens? Will you feel more:

  • Peace?
  • Security?
  • Freedom?
  • Enjoyment?
  • Accomplishment?

Every single goal or dream that you have represents what we hope to FEEL in the having of it. You want to buy a new dress because it will make you feel beautiful. You want to travel to Paris because it will make you feel joyful and alive. You want ________ because it will make you feel ________ (fill in the blanks).

The fastest way to fulfill a goal or a dream is to know how you want to feel in the having of it, and find a way to feel those feelings NOW. Do what you can to cultivate those feelings, and it will help your dream or goal happen more quickly.

Why’s that? Because you become the person now who is in alignment with the outcome you want. Rather than your goal or dream being off in the future, separate from you in the category of  ”someday,” you begin living the essence of it now, without delay.

That builds positive momentum, bringing ideas and people and opportunities that are aligned with it. Before you know it, you’re feeling and living what you thought was going to happen eventually or when you retire, now.

So if you want to have more time and money to do more of the things you love, start doing more of those things now. It’s a matter of priorities.

Hope to sail the world when you retire? How about taking some sailing lessons this summer?

Dream of being able to “someday” be able to travel with your family and see the world? How about starting somewhere closer to home for now, and create those feelings now-of fun, of adventure, of togetherness in new experiences.

Knowing this, and working with it consciously, is a HUGE benefit to you. How will you use it?

What will you feel when you have what you are working toward, and how can you feel and experience more of that now? 

Photo: Romeo Koitmäe

About Lisa Berkovitz

Lisa Berkovitz is a "Sweet Spot" business coach who specializes in helping you, as a socially conscious entrepreneur, to create, market and sell your world-changing products and programs based on powerful alignment with who you really are, what matters to you most, and who you’re meant to serve. She knows that what's easiest, most inspiring, and most fun for you is the key to your greatest contribution, and can be translated into a thriving, remarkable business you love. You can also find Lisa here:

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