The Myth of the Superhero


We learn that a hero’s life is only complete after victory. The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory. But is that what happens in real life?

Riding the Wave of Chaos

ride the wave - dreamstimefree_2591929

Seize the moment to do whatever you gut tells you to. Even if at the time it seems like the craziest thing you could possibly think of…

Why You Should Do Nothing


Our bodies, and even nature, tells us that rest matters. Yet we force our way through it. We use caffeine to help us wake up. Then we use sedatives to help us wind down… Does this describe you?

11 Easy Ways To Kick-Start Your Energy When You Hit A Lull

Feet on Grass Louise Docker

Has your energy hit a lull? Do you need to reconnect with good vibes in a balanced way — without forcing it? Check out Lisa Berkovitz’s favorite, simple energy kick-start practices.

The Art Of Knowing When To Take Action And When To Pause

Yin Yang Marco Braun

Follow the energy and your deeper knowing… beyond what the logical mind or the taskmaster inside tells you you’re “supposed” to do!

Grow Visibly Younger, With More Time And Energy For Your Purpose: Meet Donna Gates


Over the past 25 years, Donna has become one of the most loved and respected authorities in the field of digestive health, diet, and nutrition.