Getting Started as an Entrepreneur

There’s an aspect to getting started as an entrepreneur that is important: the knowledge and experience to get your business off the ground. That part can be challenging, but help is available!

How Mentors Truly Make a Difference in Entrepreneurship

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Describe one mentor or role model who helped you get your first biz off the ground and why. What did they do that made a difference? Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council give us their answers (and inspirations)…

Why Mentoring Matters

Finding a good mentor or team of mentors could be the most important thing you do in your business career and so it’s important to do your homework and to ask for help.

BizGrowth Mentoring In the Trenches: Melissa G. Wilson and Planet Fassa

The story of a mentor and mentee. The results described in Melissa G. Wilson’s columns are real. They will provide a path for you to either begin your own mentoring or help you get mentored.

Jedi Lessons for Young Entrepreneurs

A mentor is someone who wants their pupil to become a master themself; because they enjoy seeing others succeed.