Getting Started as an Entrepreneur

When I first started my own rental property business, the process was tough. There was the legwork, of course–getting the loans, making trips to the properties, and sealing deals with contractors. That’s all unavoidable, and it’s part of the hard work that goes into starting a business.

But there’s a second level to getting started as an entrepreneur that’s arguably just as important: the knowledge and experience to get your business off the ground. That part can be challenging, and I didn’t have much help back then.

Obviously, I didn’t know much about starting my own business when I was first developing it. I had a lot of research to do and, at times, it was really tough to keep up with everything. I found myself scouring the web for sites with entrepreneurial advice, but I couldn’t find much that was very helpful. One resource I used quite often was the website, where young entrepreneurs connect with more experienced business leaders. Sometimes, I simply needed advice from someone who had been in my shoes and had overcome the challenges I was now facing. It helped me see where I was going wrong–and what I could do to make it right.

There is another resource out there. The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) and Citi teamed up to release something I really wish I’d had access to when I was eighteen. It’s called #StartupLab. Basically, it is a virtual mentorship program, but it offers much more. This service allows entrepreneurs to participate in live video chats, get weekly email lessons, subscribe to an eBook club, and have access to the YEC’s complete library of how-to articles and videos. Needless to say, it’s pretty incredible, and it requires a lot less web browsing than I invested in.

In my opinion, #StartupLab drastically changes how startups interact with the rest of the entrepreneurial community. Young entrepreneurs are able to get the resources they need to find success in their businesses, and the rest of the community will be able to see their progress as well. Ultimately, I think the program ties the entrepreneurial community closer together and bridges the gap between new and established companies.

Instead of endlessly searching the web for elusive advice and information, I could have used #StartupLab to find the help I needed. This service is for the newest generation of entrepreneurs. I definitely plan on contributing my advice and expertise to the site whenever possible–it’s a great way to give young startups a head start and save them a few headaches.

Image credit: Kevin Dooley

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