Being Mentally Overweight

Jello Brains

You can’t consume unhealthy television shows without becoming mentally unhealthy. You can’t avoid learning and expect to make good decisions. You can’t read only one side of an argument and not become hateful toward the other side.

Why Being an Entrepreneur Could Save Your Life (and Make You More Attractive)

There is a health price to be paid for not doing what you are “called” to do. There’s not enough alcohol, drugs, food, or sex in the world to dodge what you were born to be — no matter how scary it seems.

Bad Health Signals Bad Leadership (& How to Change Your Message)

Your health matters more to your company than you realize. People are watching, worrying, and maybe even be leaving…

Sitting May Kill You!


Eric Barrett thinks a new study on the effect of sitting indicates a bigger issue — that people often work as they do out of habit, and it’s time that some businesses come up with better ways to measure and inspire productivity.

Why I'm Losing Weight (and Why I Never Could Before)

Pretending altruistic or “reasonable” motivations instead of acknowledging the silliness that is the human condition will leave you stuck. Finding why leads to honesty — which leads to change.

Best Small Businesses to Start in 2012

Looking to jump into the self-employment pond? Take note of these emerging business trends before you do.