About Cory Annis

It’s hard for people who are busy changing the world to fit their lives to a doctor’s schedule. Now any mobile device can promote a stable relationship with your trusted physician adviser anywhere in the world. Dr. Cory Annis is the MD for Entrepreneurs and founder of Unorthodoc.com, the virtual doctor's office and health adviser for entrepreneurs and business nomads, located at the intersection of Health & Wealth. Take her free Healthy Wealth Challenge today.

Why Being an Entrepreneur Could Save Your Life (and Make You More Attractive)


There is a health price to be paid for not doing what you are “called” to do. There’s not enough alcohol, drugs, food, or sex in the world to dodge what you were born to be — no matter how scary it seems.

Bad Health Signals Bad Leadership (& How to Change Your Message)


Your health matters more to your company than you realize. People are watching, worrying, and maybe even be leaving…