12 Strategies to Cultivate Positivity at Work


The Young Entrepreneur Council asks 12 young entrepreneurs the question, “What is one creative way you motivate your team to stay positive when things get tough at work?”

How to Change Your Company Culture: 12 High-Impact Ideas


Twelve young entrepreneurs answer the YEC’s question, “What is ONE thing you did in your company that had the biggest impact on culture?”

13 Unusual Startup Tips From Founders Who’ve Been There, Done That

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8 Ways to Map Out Your Business’s Strategic Goals


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13 Ideas to Make Classrooms More Entrepreneurial

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 2.12.11 PM

What would you add to a secondary school curriculum to help breed more entrepreneurs (or entrepreneurial workers) at a younger age? Read ideas from thirteen young entrepreneurs.

8 Social Startup Campaigns to Inspire You in the New Year

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But What If I Lose Everything?


This question haunts the minds of many who contemplate starting a business but who hesitate to pull the trigger. It’s a legitimate concern and should not be taken lightly…

[Video] Kickstarter & IndieGoGo: Reducing the Need For Venture Capital

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Douglas Rushkoff weighs in on the potential for crowdfunding resources to reduce (or eliminate) a startup’s dependence on venture capital, gatekeepers and big corporations.

Moneyball Marketing: The Art of a Startup

Moneyball Marketing

While others were schmoozing and networking the baseball scene, the Oakland A’s were going under the hood, synthesizing disparate information to uncover the essentials of a winning team.

When You (Should) Chase Shiny Objects

Most would say that chasing shiny objects is a bad idea — but it can benefit your business if done with extreme focus and intention.