How to Fix Decision Making Meetings

Decision making meetings often fail because they’re missing a crucial ingredient: Leadership. Al Pittampalli explains the bystander effect, and the solution…

3 Tips For Speeding Up Your Meetings

Meetings should feel fast. Not only because the faster we finish, the faster we get back to the real work, but also because it helps attendees reach quicker decisions.

How To Break Free From The Task Heap

Trapped Under The Heap

The only way out is to build better team processes and execution that remove those 15-minute tasks from your heap for good.

Sure, But What's the Hard Part?

Identifying which part of your project is hard is, paradoxically, not so easy, because we work to hide the hard parts. They frighten us.

5 Things You Should Stop Doing

Golden Hamster

We all have “to-do” lists but what about creating a “to-don’t” list? Often, it’s the things we don’t do that make us more efficient and effective.

The Efficiency in Being Inefficient

Don’t spin your wheels trying to sell to gate-keepers. Seek out your buyers and save your words for them.